Today, in an era of constant physical time-space conflict, our concentration span has dwindled with the current overload of distraction. A concerted effort to reform people’s shelter of the mind needs to be challenged.
How can architectural skins invite us to slow down to re-source, to anchor in deep focus and to feel awake from a deeper level of consciousness? How can atmosphere evoke this stillness to inspire us to travel inwards? How to re-purpose cork as a contemporary building material to elevate sensorial wellbeing in the modern habitat and to imagine poetic combinations with other noble interior textures?
Studio Corkinho carried out a profound research on how to bring the home closer to Mother Earth. Like a bark protecting the core of a tree, Studio Corkinho uses architectural layers to give birth to a sanctuary shelter, a place of stillness, shaped by nature’s divine conditions like proportion, texture and patina.
ARCH becomes a design tool to shape sensorial, contemplative spaces and bodies, allowing a dynamic alignment between chaos and order.
We propose an architectural matrix of granule, tiles, bricks, blocks and screens to create endless variations, sourced from a curated collection of burnt cork bark archetypes in the form of furniture and interior settings. This way, ARCH becomes a hands-on building kit to create calming, sensorial atmospheres that are connected to Mother Earth and nourished by the benefits of cork’s versatility. The material’s visible tactility and unique patina are combined with inherent features like thermic improvement and sound absorption to guarantee a state of personal wellbeing, sustainable living and inner stillness.
We serve as cork artisans, as an atelier for architectural creations. Based on a series of case study designs, we present a series of model realisations for interior architecture. In doing so, ARCH activates the formation of a cooperative community, to build together on a story of sensorial awareness, where expertise is shared.
As a result, the energy of the natural atmosphere will lift up the experience towards a state of inner peace in the home environment. It is a form of biophilic design, where experiences of the natural world are integrated in the modern built environment. A feeling of oneness will awake the mind, as servant of the heart, within a universe where time harvests space, to land on the destination of the timeless now.
In the Portuguese hills of Alentejo, the idea for Studio Corkinho was born.
Witnessing the stillness of a cork harvest, the age-old tradition impressed on Cédric Etienne the aspiration to interpret this cultural artefact as a starting point of Studio Corkinho's design philosophy.
Studio Corkinho reflects on the architecture of silence: how can architectural conditions elevate stillness in contemplative atmospheres?
Out of the need to unplug from an overstimulated society, Studio Corkinho proposes a new language to stand still with silence and bring us closer to our true nature.
Fascinated by the hidden power of the void, Studio Corkinho engages how to curate a sensorial serenity and bring a deeper meaning back into spatial composition.
By a continual redefining and remodelling, Studio Corkinho transforms the hidden dimensions of noble materials through passion, curiosity and innovation.
Like craftsmanship results in timeless objects, Studio Corkinho creates atmospheres where time erodes into a calming void, a silent atmosphere ritualised in the now-here dimension. The “object space" becomes a sanctuary of stillness.
We devote ourselves to the understanding the dynamics of natural materials who inspire how to reconnect with inner balance.
As such, we seek to design spaces where one can contemplate in a distraction-free atmosphere. Focused on emotion and timelessness, Studio Corkinho unearths the beauty of the forgotten. We strive to contemporize introspection and inspire how to slow down to root in the present moment.
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